Invited Talks
  • "The role of data science and advanced analytics in industry, academia, and government collaborations." 36th Annual PAASE Meeting and Symposium. The Manila Hotel, Philippines. 14-15 July 2017.
  • "Data Science and Advanced Analytics." DOST's Artificial Intelligence Symposium. Makati Diamond Residences, Philippines. 02 June 2017.
  • "Data Science: Advanced Analytics in Modern Manufacturing." 2017 Inclusive Innovation Convention. The Manila Peninsula, Philippines. 31 May - 01 June 2017.
  • "Big Data and Network Science." 2017 Mathematical Society of the Philippines Annual Convention. The Oriental Legazpi, Philippines. 29-31 May 2017.
  • "Data-Driven Urban Systems Modeling towards a Smart City". 2016 Asia-Pacific Econphysics Conference+Big Data Analysis and Modeling toward Super Smart Society. The University of Tokyo, Japan. 24-26 August 2016.
  • "Community Structures." 2016 Nanyang Technological University Complexity Science Winter School. 15 March 2016. (lecture)
  • "Machine Learning and the Smart City." Humans + Machines Conference. 19 February 2016.
  • "Complex Systems Modelling and Big Data." Manila Water Company Knowledge Series. 20 February 2015.
  • “Understanding and Modeling Urban Transport Systems.” Socia Modeling and Simulations+Econophysics Colloquium 2014. Kobe, Japan. 4-6 November 2014.
  • "Complexity in Public Policy: Tools and Applications (Complex Networks and Agent-Based Models: An Overview)." Managing Complexity from a Public Policy Perspective, Civil Service College, Singapore, 15-16 October 2014.
  • "Designing Better Transport for a Liveable Singapore." Towards Large Multiscale Simulations of Complex Socio-Economic Systems with Heterogeneous Interacting Agents, Winter Workshop 2013. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Invited Talk. 19 November 2013.
  • "Understanding Urban Dynamics through Complexity Science." Lee Kuan Yew Center for Innovative Cities Brown Bag Lunch Series. 28 August 2013.
  • "The role of big data and complexity in society.” Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines. 08 August 2013.
  • "Understanding Urban Dynamics through Complexity Science ." Summer Institute Workshop on Analytics for Business, Consumer and Social Insights 2013. 05 August 2013.
  • "Scalable Complex System Modelling for a Sustainable City." Data Value Chain as a Service. A*STAR Thematic Strategic Research Programme Workshop. Infuse Theater, Fusionopolis, Singapore. 18 July 2013.
  • "Complexity in Nature & Society." Institute of High Performance Computing Student Seminar. Singapore. 02 August 2012.

  • Salutatory Address as the 2011 College of Science Most Outstanding Graduate Student, 2011 Commencement Exercise, College of Science, University of the Philippines, Diliman.
  • National Institute of Physics Recognition Speech (M.S. Physics, 2008)

Events Organizer