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Featured Research

  • Smart city transport systems, ASTAR Research (25 January 2017). [link]
  • Machine-learning to inspire Singapore metro buildout, United Press International, Inc. (25 January 2017). [link]
  • Machine-learning program predicts public transport use in Singapore, Phys Org (25 January 2017). [link]
  • The right route to disaster relief, ASTAR Research (17 December 2014). [link]
  • A*STAR researchers develop predictive model for mass-transit train overloading, Green Car Congress (24 November 2014). [link]
  • An agent-based model that analyzes commuters’ travel data will improve the Singapore rail experience, Asia Research News (19 November 2014). [link]
  • Helping trains take the strain, Science Daily, (November 21, 2014). [link]
  • Mapping a tool to guide rescuers in disaster zones, David Ee, The Straits Times, (April 30, 2014). [link
  • Researchers propose network-based evaluation tool to assess relief operations feasibility, Science Daily, (April 16, 2014). [link]
  • Media Framing in the Philippines, An Interview with The Global Lab. [link]
  • Network Science To Aid Disaster Relief Operations, Alan Aw, Asian Scientist, (April 29, 2014). [link]

S&T in the Philippines

  • EF Legara, "Thinking through pyramid-like business schemes," The Philippine Star, STAR SCIENCE, February 07, 2013.
  • EF Legara, "Complexity and the Philippine Society (Part I)," The Philippine Star, STAR SCIENCE, June 07, 2012.
  • EF Legara, "Complexity and the Philippine Society (Part II)," The Philippine Star, STAR SCIENCE, June 14, 2012. [download]
  • EF Legara, "Spark of Hope," Philippine Daily Inquirer, Youngblood (Opinion / Columns), Sept. 04, 2008. [download]

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